Photo: © Petr Pavlíček – Visit Lyngenfjord

Kvænangsbotn Protected Area logo

The protected area of Kvænangsbotn covers part of Kvænangsdalen valley/Bađaávži and the surrounding mountain areas. The landscape is dramatic and varies interchangeably between flat pine forests, tiny lakes, miers, birch forests near riverbeds, all between the nearby hills and mountains. It is in this landscape the local populace made their living throughout history, and some still do. Many telltale signs of having worked the land are still visible, telling stories of Sami reindeer husbandry or Kven forestry. This sets the stage for great outdoors experiences – from the short hikes to one of the many cabins in the area to longer treks with tents and fishing poles.

Navitdalen Protected Area logo
The protected area covers large parts of Navitdalen/Návetvuopmi/Navetanvuoma. As the Sami suffix “-vuopmi” indicates, this is a forested valley in the mountains. The natural landscape is stunning and dramatic, where the combination of mountaintops up to 1200 meters tall, calm rivers, and open plains make for a strong impression.

Modern reindeer husbandry has left its mark on parts of Navitdalen. Fences, buildings, and tracks are visible, especially near Sáiva where a fence separates where the reindeer graze for summer in the north, or graze for spring and fall in the south. The valley bustles with activity, especially during the fall. Navitdalen is quite inaccessible due to the 7 km distance and inclines into the valley from the nearest road and is best suited for longer trips where hikers bring their own tents. Maybe also fishing rod – and of course a camera.

Photo: © Jan R. Olsen

Photo: Rune Benonisen

Other protected areas in Kvængangen

There are several smaller protected areas in Kvænangen. There are two nature reserves created to preserve special ecosystems. These areas have no facilitation and is therefore not suited for visitation. Another two protected landscapes are on two islands in the Kvænangen fjord and were created to preserve the natural and cultural landscapes. These areas are inaccessible only by boat.