The authority to manage and protect Kvænangsbotn and Navitdalen is a local management board, which is made up of five members from Kvænangen municipality, Troms & Finnmark county, and the Sami Parliament of Norway. The committee manages the areas according to regulations specific for the areas and national law for biological diversity, and in cooperation with those affected by the protected areas.

A manager, also acting as secretary to the board, carries the day-to-day work. Planning, facilitating, information, and management work.

Even though these are protected areas, other laws and regulations still apply. It is therefore imperative that the management of the areas cooperates with other jurisdictions. See the link below for more information.

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Norwegian nature surveillance have the rangers(SNO) that is responsible for supervising the protected areas, making sure regulations are followed and that the condition of the areas is reported to the committee. Most of the field work in Kvænangsbotn and Navitdalen is carried out by Statskog Fjelltjenesten on behalf of SNO.

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Important partners


Statskog is a state enterprise owned by the Norwegian state and managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. They manage state-owned properties, and rights to properties do not cease to be even if the area is under protection. Some activities are not affected by the rules and regulations of the protected areas at all and are continued as normal.

Statskog is responsible for anything that has to do with hunting, fishing, requests for logging and more.

More information:

General information – Statskog (Opens in new tab)

Hunting, fishing, and cabins – Inatur (Opens in new tab)

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Nord-Troms Museum

Nord-Troms Museum conveys and records local history. The museum manages the Dalstuene cabins in accordance with Statskog.

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Nord-Troms Friluftsråd

Nord-Troms outdoors council is a joint organization for Kvænangen, Nordreisa, Skjervøy, and Kåfjord counties. They work with organizing outdoors activities and training, for example in schools and kindergartens. Ut i Nord is an initiative by Nord-Troms Friluftsråd.

More information: Ut i Nord (Opens in new tab)

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Other local partners

There are many smaller organizations within Kvænangen. The committee coopers with several of them whenever acting within the protected areas. Some partners are responsible for maintaining infrastructure and outdoors activities.

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