About Kvænangen Protected Areas

There are several protected areas in Kvænangen, the largest of which are meant to preserve the natural landscapes against actions or intrusions that can affect or change the characteristics or features of an area. There are also two smaller protected areas in Kvænangen, nature reserves, that are not facilitated for visitors.

Photo: © Petr Pavlíček – Visit Lyngenfjord
Photo: © Petr Pavlíček – Visit Lyngenfjord

Experience Kvængangsbotn and Navitdalen

These protected landscapes are open to visitors looking to experience outdoors activities. There are opportunities for photography, hiking, fishing, or gaining insight into the cultural history of Kvængangsbotn and Navitdalen. You may choose between shorter trips just a few hundred meters from the parking lot or bringing your own tent to go exploring and spending the night. The areas are generally little facilitated and visitors need therefore to plan and prepare before arrival.


In the Kvænangsbotn, Navitdalen, and the surrounding areas, there are ample opportunities for spending the night. You can find rental cabins, camping spots for your own tent, and guest houses. Information about what accommodations are available can be found through search engines or travel agencies.

Photo: Rune Benonisen
Photo: © Petr Pavlíček – Visit Lyngenfjord

Working with nature throughout history and today

Kvænangsbotn and Navitdalen are both areas that have been important for providing the people of the area with food and other resources since time immemorial. The utilization of the natural resources has changed throughout history. Here you can find an overview over how the areas are made use of today – and a glimpse of their history.

Management and supervision

The protected areas are managed by a local management board. The County Governor of Troms & Finnmark is responsible for the management of the smaller protected areas in Kvænangen.

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